QApop 2.0 is here! 🔥

HUGE UPDATE! Finally, QApop got improved 🎉

Let me quickly share what's new 👇

✅ Advanced filtering in Reports
We created default filters for you to save time. Also, you can filter data in Reports using 8 parameters.

✅ Keyword Tracking got better
Now, you can set up a custom threshold for notifications.

✅ AI-generated Content drafts
Our AI is crazy good! No joke. You can literally generate an entire Quora answer just by inputting the question title.

New option to select the age of questions in Reports 🙌

Now, you can choose the recency of questions you want to get in your Quora report. We will get you all questions published in the past day, week, month, year.

QApop - new Report

This new feature helps you focus on more recent questions and find the ones with organic traffic already.